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Perspective : a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Seeing life trough our own lens is enabling us to understand the world not as it is but as we are. Our own ideas, conditionings,habits, points of views are going to determine how we experience life and what we create in life.

I believe we are all creators and we all have the innate gift of creativity to use it freely, to inspire others, to teach and learn from each other.

Art is a curious example of how our perspective influences our self expressions.

Self expression is life not a luxury. Trough out history self expressions trough art of many amazing artists and creators has left us with much beauty and wisdom, unique perspectives that have touched us and inspire us to self express.

Yet self expression is not limited only to art or creative pursuits, self expression is about self exploration and being alive as a human on this planet.

We all have the ability to express ourselves by taping in to the essence of who we really are; finding and expressing the gift we have locked inside us.

When you change your perspective about yourself, the self you thought you are and see the truth about who you really are; your self expression becomes real.

When you become real, life becomes a celebration of your own unique self expression filled with joy and limitless abundance on all levels.

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