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I'm fascinated by the underlying sacred substance that connects and gives life to all.

I believe Art is much more than visual, there is an inherent touch of energy that activates expansion in all self-expression. 

My wish is to inspire through my creations and awaken a deep meaning of belonging, a feeling of being home.

I understood that peace comes when you allow the natural flow of Creation to work through you, then Joy comes too.

I understood that you can not go against the tide, against your soul so I let it be.

My first creative expression was in writing, but soon I was feeling that my sensual expression was hungry, it felt like a volcano deep inside me that needed to be released.

Fulfillment came through creating my first artworks many years ago. I create an environment where art is inspiring personal evolution to create an impact on many levels and help elevate the human experiment.

Enjoy the first collections of crypto art,  that now are alive, unique, indestructible, and ready to touch your soul.

Evolve to impact the world.

Be touched, be in love, be joy.

JOY xxx


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